Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

for Healthcare systems

At Dr-B, we believe everyone should have easy access to the most efficient Healthcare possible.

However, sustaining our healthcare system

is no small feat: it relies on the dedication

and sacrifice from our Healthcare professionals, who face on a daily basis a surging demand from an aging population, limited resources from constrained budgets and an increasingly vast and complex array of means to provide care. 

In the past years, several technological breakthroughs in cloud computing, automation, and artificial intelligence have unlocked new opportunities for healthcare operations.


They have opened the possibility of simultaneously drastically dropping costs, increasing the productivity of its workers (without asking for longer hours!), and developing real-time situational awareness enabling better decision making.


By leveraging these technological advances, we offer tools to healthcare professionals and managers that will help them execute their

day-to-day responsibilities seamlessly and make operational decisions based on fact-based analytical insights.

At Dr-B, we put technology itself at your service. Every department should know the resources they will need next week, next month, or next year. Every doctor should have their own robot assistant, allowing them to focus on their patient instead of their paperwork.

It’s 2019: let’s enter the future.


Our Mission

To help them lower their costs, increase the quality of their services and,

ultimately, pass the savings to the patients, the doctors, and the taxpayers.


Our leadership Team

Philippe Marcotte

Chief Executive Officer

A physiotherapist and biotechnological engineer by trade, Philippe worked as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, following his MBA in Finance at McGill University.

At McKinsey, he led advanced analytics and artificial intelligence transformations

for several large corporations across multiple industries.

Guillaume Simard

Chief Financial Officer

Following his engineering career leading major aerospace product deployment, Guillaume pursued his MBA in Finance at McGill University.


He then joined the ALDO Group, where he drove large cross-functional projects in Finance, reporting to the CFO, and led the Master Data team through a corporate transformation, while simultaneously completing Microsoft Professional Program in Artificial Intelligence.


We are in the process of commercializing an innovative billing solution for medical practitioners in the province of Quebec.

Our solution has been cleared by the “Régie de l’Assurance Maladie du Québec” to process live billing transactions.


Before making it available to the greater public, we would love to hear your feedback and learn how we can make sure it fits your needs. 


If you are a billing agency and are interested in taking part in one of our pilot projects,

please contact us.



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